National Geographic Photographer’s are some of my favorite photographers. They travel all over the world, shooting the most stunning landscapes, animals and cultures. One of my favorite Instagrams to follow, I pulled out some of my favorite pictures that NatGeo photographers shot of life’s natural phenomena. From sunrises to desserts to snowy mountain peaks, enjoy the natural beauty of these both simple and highly complex photos.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

In this part of the world two odds meet: the chilling water of the Atlantic Ocean and the heat of the African desert.


Botany Bay Island, Edisto Island, South Carolina.



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Ozark Mountain, Central America



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This natural phenomenon can be found here in central America. Though it looks like an illusion in the sky, it’s actually a sea that was craved out into hills and landscape. 


Grand Canyon, Arizona



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The Grand Canyon is already a natural phenomenon on its own–lightning just adds even more surreal beauty.

Mormon Row, Wyoming

A lucky favorite for everyone, a rainbow is captured at Moulton Barn.

Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido, Japan

Mountain Ash Trees erupting at the foot of Asahi Dake volcano.


Tibesti range of Northern Chad



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A valley completely submerged by orange dessert sand.

 Grindelwald, Switzerland


Hveravellir, Iceland


Victoria Falls, Zambezi River, Africa

Another beautiful rainbow alongside another phenomena, the waterfall.  


Castleton Tower, Utah



For a desert, this thick covering of clouds is both rare and precious.

Aurora Borealis over the Snaefellsnes peninsula in Iceland


Gulf of Oman

Milky Way above the Shivling Peak, Indian Himalaya



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