Thanksgiving Day is basically an excuse to eat all day long, something most of us are guilty of being extremely thankful for. Who doesn’t love a crisp, succulent turkey, Mom’s secret gravy recipe, sweet potatoes with marshmallows and homemade pumpkin pie? But if this is your first time cooking Thanksgiving Day dinner, be afraid… very, very afraid. You see, this dinner is no joke and it’s certainly not the time for any mistakes. You’re family members have been waiting a whole year for this one dinner, so if you’re brave enough to tackle this challenge be sure you’re prepared. If you end up like any of these sorry pictures below, you might have to consider finding a new family.

The Star: Turkey

Traditional oven fail. Please watch your bird carefully.

How does this even happen?


If you take on the daring deep fried turkey method, this should not be the result.

I’ll repeat: deep frying a turkey isn’t for everyone.

The Partners in Crime: Side Dishes

My God, those poor, poor sweet potatoes (at least, I think that’s what those things are)

Maybe stick to Pillsbury for your biscuits?

That’s not what gravy is supposed to look like.

As if brussel sprouts didn’t suck enough already.

The Sweet Ending: Desserts



It’s borderline blasphemy to burn an apple pie.

You’re intention is to be all festive and creative. The result, however, is just creepy and unappetizing.

Another burnt pie?! Thankfully, there was a back up.

Have a happy and delicious Thanksgiving!