I don’t know about you, but anything legal or law related leaves me utterly confused. That’s why Shake–a technology and app platform–is perfect for those who need a little help in that area. Their goal is to simplify the law in “accessible, understandable,” terms for users and business owners. They offer various templates for legal contracts conveniently through an app you can download onto your smartphone. You can also customize your own legal contracts, should you need to. Create, sign and send on the go in just minutes. And now, they have Image Release for all you photographers out there to ensure you have legal protection.

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The newest Shake app is designed to allow photographers to create a Image  or Model Release in an easy and uncomplicated manner. An Image Release guarantees photographers the right to use the model’s images for commercial and non-editiorial purposes–from websites to stock photo services to ads. According to the Shake website, this is what’s included in the contract:

  • The granting of full rights to the photographer to use and edit the model’s image.
  • The granting of full rights to the photographer to sell the model’s image.
  • The model’s release of the photographer for any claims arising in connection with the use of the image.

Head to their website to sign up and start legally covering your photographs.