Have you ever been one of those people who wanted to put some photos up but never know whether it would look good? I’ve never been one of those people, because I don’t really think about those things… but my wife is. She is constantly looking for ways to spruce up our apartment, specifically by placing photos on the wall. But she never knows whether it will look good, so sometimes she hesitates to do anything. Now, that will become less of a problem.

WallApp pic 2

WallApp by OhMyPrints provides a way for anyone to quickly visualize a work of art on a wall. This works out perfectly for people who simply want to visualize a photo on a wall. But it also works out for artists and photographers who want to sell artworks and big prints after photo shoots. You’ll be able to use this app to provide previews for your customers after finishing a shoot.

WallApp pic 3

The app gives you a variety of different templates to use when previewing the art. The templates include a living room television stand, a couch that looks like a family room and rooms with less natural light. You truly have an ability to pick the right one for you.

I’m not the type of person that particularly is interested in interior design, but I do know that plenty of people are. This app also allows you to resize the photos to fit the size that your clients, or you, want.

WallApp pic 4

Now, whenever my wife asks what we should put on our wall, I can point to WallApp without saying a word.