Christmas is approaching and if you’re like me, you need a little help on what to buy for your loved ones. We have already highlighted the DIY, the low-cost and the luxury items, so now it’s time for the middle ground. If you happen to have a photographer in your life, I’ve complied these 15 gifts won’t break your bank and will be sure to please. From novelty gifts to gears and gadgets that will improve any photographer’s life, it’s time to start shopping!

1. Bloom Theory Scarf Camera Straps


Add a touch of beauty and fashion to your camera straps with these scarves that range from $55-$89.

2. Click and Blossom Novelty Photography Mugs14

Who doesn’t love coffee? At $16 per mug, this is a great gift on a lot of levels.

3. Vanguard Camera Bag–Backpack



How a photographer carries his or her gear is extremely important. Give them the gift of a Vanguard Backpack for about $90.

4. IceCreamTees Photography Graphics Tee


With a price tag of $14.99, it’s perfect for both the frugal shopper and the literal photographer.

5. Photojojo iPhone and Android Lens Series


These lenses attach to your smart phone to give you quality photos just as your professional camera would without the bulk. Just one lens costs $20, while you can get a pack of six–fish eye, super fish eye, wide, macro, polarizer and telephoto–for $115.

6. Vintage Camera Necklace


Adding a little bling to your wardrobe never hurt anyone.

7.  Fujifilm X UO Custom Colored Mini 8 Instax Camera 


A super simple, cute camera that produces high quality photos. Get it at Urban Outfitters for an exclusive price of just $89.

8. Reelagram


Who isn’t a photographer on Instagram these days? A throw back to the View Master, you can sign onto a friend or family member’s Instagram, pick 7 of their favorite photos and upload them to the Reelagram ($29.99 for the actual Reelagram and viewer).

9. Pec Pads Wipes


The perfect solution to cleaning your lenses safely for less than $8. What a steal.



Have newbie photographer in your life? Give them the gift of learning with a subscription to A one month membership is just $25, while a three month one is on sale for $59.

11. Shutter Huggers


Know a child photographer? Make their life a bit easier with a shutter hugger. For only about $20, shutter huggers literally hug your DSLR and come in an array of cute animals that can help photographers grab hold of the kid’s attention and simply their photo shoot.

12. The Deluxe Pop-up Flash Bounce


For $37, a photographer can slip this mirror flash bounce into their hot shoe of your DSLR for high quality photos that reduce shiny faces, red eyes, overly bright and unevenly lit photos and a host of other blemishes that normally show up in photos.

13. Photography Books


Browse online or at your favorite book store for the perfect photography book based on what the photographer in your life has interests in. Are they aiming to be a portrait photographer? landscape? fashion? There’s a book for them.

14. DSLR Wheel of Filters


Filters can take a boring picture to a whole new level of fun. For $40, this wheel of filters attaches to your DSLR and comes in 18 different colors and prisms. You can even shoot video through them.

15. Lomography Smartphone Scanner


This film scanner instantly scans and shares your 35mm film onto your smartphone! For $59, this seems too good to be true.