500px just announced a new iOS app with direct image capture functionality and photo editing, jumping into arguably a new avenue for the company. “The new 500px iOS app is the first step in executing the broader 500px vision of inspiring its 5 million photographers of all levels to create and find an audience for their best photos regardless of what platform they prefer.”

The new app highlights 500px’s future vision, as it is apparent they want a bigger piece of the photography market pie. They don’t want to just showcase photography, they want to be part of the capturing process. The new app has features that are very similar to what you find in the popular VSCO app, or even Instagram. This is an interesting choice, since 500px is known mostly for their high quality images and artists, and adding iPhone pictures is likely to dilute that market with lesser-quality, over-processed images.

500px new ios app 0

500px new ios app 3

500px new ios app 1

500px new ios app 2


A few of the features included in the new iOS app are:

  • Built-in camera with the option to control focus and exposure manually
  • A professional photo editor powered by Adobe Lightroom technologies, which enables the photographer to adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity, vibrance, temperature, tint, sharpening, and noise reduction of an image. Additionally, the editor has 22 different presets available to layer onto any photo taken with or imported into the app.
  • Photo Import from Adobe Lightroom Mobile giving users who use Adobe Lightroom a seamless experience
  • Support for the 1Password extension for secure and easy app login

Give the app a try by downloading it here.