In honor of our previous cooking issue, we found an inspiring cooking show that will blow your mind. Just in case you were wondering, this is amazing. If a cooking show like this ended up on Food Network, I’d be glued in, because most cooking shows try to treat everyone like they are the next headlining chef, which they most likely aren’t. They act with precision, as a golfer does when trying to put for a birdie. I don’t have those kind of chops. I cook much like the guy in this video, minus the grunts and screams, and maybe the ax. Maybe.

Food is an interesting thing, especially when it comes on a camera through photo and video. They have an ability to change us, and I mean that not just in an existential way, but in an actual physical way. Have you ever looked at a photograph and immediately gotten hungry? Have you ever looked at a glass of cool water and gotten thirsty or felt dehydrated? We here at Resource have an issue devoted to the realm of food.