I normally don’t get all that excited about apps but the new The Take is one I can totally get on board with and see myself using. The Take is the first app that allows movie viewers to find out specific information about their favorite movies, such as location, products and wardrobe.

Basically,this is how it works: you download the app (duh), watch a movie, see something you like, sync your phone to the app with a tap and find out everything you want to know about said movie. Of course, you don’t have to currently be watching the film. They have a whole database of movies with curated details like where certain scenes were shot, what the actors are wearing and where to buy a rug or lamp in the scene. They don’t have every movie ever filmed in existence in their library, but they add some every day and take suggestions.



Finally, you can dress like Mark Wahlberg or Jennifer Lawrence (or come close to it–they offer approximations if they don’t have an exact match). Better yet, go to the same exact restaurant or hotel bar where the scene was shot and relive the moment for yourself.


the Take app 0the Take app

It’s a pretty cool concept, but the big question is… would you use it? You should really check out their website and click “Watch the Demo” to get an idea of how it works. It’s a pretty slick presentation.