The new book Film in Five Seconds, is giving movie buffs a great medium to test their knowledge about the history of motion pictures. Italian creative artists Gianmarco Milesi and Matteo Civaschi has come up with a very engaging book showcasing various plot lines and clues of over 139 classic films with a series of  silhouetted icons.  This practice of showing pictograms to convey a message is called the Shortology according to both Miles and Civaschi.

When not doing movie marathons, the two ad-men runs the Milan-based H 57 Creative Station, where they perfected the art of compressing story lines into 30 second TV commercial spots.

Titanic © H-57 Creative Station


In an email sent to Fast Company , Civaschi and Milesi explained their preference for spot-on conciseness. “We’ve discovered that it’s visually interesting and at the same time hilarious to squeeze important historical events, biographies, or cultural touchstones into a few icons. You get rid of what’s politically correct and go to the brutal truth.”

Planet of the Apes © H-57 Creative Station

Planet of the Apes

During the selection process of the roster of movies they will feature on Film in Five Seconds, Civaschi and Milesi admits not reducing their options on films with Criterion Collection distinction. “We usually chose not to see big blockbusters again,” they explain. “The idea was to use only what stuck in our memory as average viewers rather than super-nerd movie buffs. With lesser known cult movies, we watched them again, took notes and then tried to challenge our readers with something unexpected or surprising.”

American Beauty © H-57 Creative Station

American Beauty

Asked about the significance of using icons to quiz readers with film trivia Civaschi and Milesi  explains “One of the great things about icons is that they talk to everybody: no translation, no explanations.”

Argo © H-57 Creative Station


The result is a massive does of quizzical and sometimes mind bending series of icons that is sure to challenge even those who have multiple years of work experience in a video store.

Check out the other creative info-graphic and compare it with your memory of the film it pertains to.

Chariots of Fire © H-57 Creative Station

Chariots of Fire

The Dark Knight © H-57 Creative Station

The Dark Knight

The Departed © H-57 Creative Station

The Departed

Django Unchained © H-57 Creative Station

Django Unchained

You can also purchase this book published by Quercus online.