There are few things left in this world that can still universally inspire awe in us all. Perhaps the depths of the ocean, maybe for some the jungles of South America. But much of this, thanks to the age we live in, is relatively accessible. It’s no longer a dream, but a very graspable reality. But Space, what Star Trek so famously called our “final frontier,” is still a mystery to nearly everyone. Only a small handful of individuals gets to see Earth from above, among the stars. That puts photographers like Don Pettit in a unique position… not only can they show us what lies out there, but it’s almost as if it’s an obligation to do so. It’s like it is their duty to share the majesty that awaits above our atmosphere. That is a duty that Pettit takes seriously.

SmugMug Films has produced something truly incredible here. They are helping Pettit, a masterful photographer of whom I will be eternally envious, share what he sees and tell his story.

Below are some exclusive photos taken by photographer Kerry Ellis of cinematographer Anton Lorimer at work making this short film:










Curious what it’s like to work in small, cramped, weightless environments? Check out the SmugMug blog for the full story and interview with Don Pettit.

All images used with permission.