According to Instagram’s official blog, there are more than 300 million Instagrammers that use the photo and video sharing app on a monthly basis. Daily, more than 70 millions posts are shared. That’s pretty impressive considering it’s only been around for 4 years. It’s also growing at a rapid rate- since March alone the app has gained 100 million users.

Twitter, on the other hand, has about 284 million users despite being around since 2006–yet, more than 500 million tweets are sent out a day. However, Instagram’s ‘parent’ company, Facebook still rules social media with 1.3 billion active users.

Instagram seems to be constantly  upgrading itself to give its users the best sharing platform possible. From introducing videos, to their newest hyper lapse video app, to a “people” search tab, it’s no wonder it has gained tremendous popularity. Now,Instagram plans on giving “verified badges for celebrities, athletes and brands, making it easier for you to connect with the authentic accounts you’re looking for.” Now you’ll know for sure if you’re following the real Kim K. or Beyonce. And lastly, it hopes to filter out all of those annoying spammers, or fake accounts, by permanently deleting them so if you’re Insta-famous, you might just see a drop in your followers.