Some things just can’t be described in words. So I will let this video do some of the explaining for me. This video is considerably less angry than the one I posted recently. But it is no less cool, I can tell you that much. The slow motion capture of the shrimps going through all the different cooking phases is legendary.

Not only were they able to catch this going in slow motion, but somehow were able to do it with a very minimal amount of mess. I call that a win where I am from. For those who don’t know, slow motion photography naturally captures shots in slow motion. But sometimes it can seem cheesy. In this video, it doesn’t at all, and accomplishes the desired effect, which is, I presume, to sell me something (I’m not sure what yet). Regardless of what it is trying to sell, I’m intrigued. The video is mesmerizing. I’ve watched it at least ten times.

Experimenting with food is a fun activity. We did so in our last issue of Resource Magazine.