Drones have taken over the photography world like a fleet of Star Wars spaceships invading a newly discovered planet. However, it doesn’t mean every release of drone photography material automatically warrants “ooohs” and “ahhhs” from the viewers. It is still a photography art form in its infancy stages and only a few exceptional photographers dish out really impressive work, such is the case of Ryan Emond‘s spectacular timelapse video showing aerial views of Toronto.

In his three-minute video called  “Toronto Skyline Porn,” Ryan used his drone knowledge to perfection in an elaborate project that took him four years to shoot all over the city’s tallest rooftops, a task he insisted didn’t involved guerrilla photography:  “I kind of just walked up and opened the door. There wasn’t really anything crazy involved. No breaking in or anything.” he tells in an interview with The Star.

During that span he has documented the rapid rise of new buildings accompanying the construction boom of the city. Working to Ryan’s advantage is the technology that made it possible to use drones at a much cheaper cost.

“Even just four or five years ago, you’d have to pay $4,000 to get this footage. You would have to rent a helicopter,” Emond tells 680 News “(The drone) is so small that seagulls are bigger than this thing. I like shooting from up high most just because it’s kind of quiet up there. You get a different understanding of the city,” Emond said.

At a time when we are exposed to the widely different methods of photography when it comes to documenting various cities of the world, Ryan took to an unlikely route. “I wasn’t going to tell the story of what [the city] has to offer — restaurants, the multiculturalism — I just thought it would be interesting to do a piece to showing where Toronto’s at right now.”

And from the air up there – shooting from random rooftops of Toronto’s skyscrapers, which he won’t reveal exactly where.  Ryan has come up with this amazing video. (Ryan used a Canon camera and a GoPro attached on a DJI Phantom 2 drone)

It is safe to say that after this viral video attracted more than 350,000 views online, the sky is the limit for Ryan’s photography career. Working hard to add on to  his already impressive portfolio which include similar videos taken in Vancouver, Ottawa and China and another impressive video called Toronto Tempo, the 25 year old photographer is now hard at work on his next project.

“Right now I’m building a stock footage website to host time-lapse (videos) so I can continue doing this sort of thing, making money and travelling.” Ryan reveals to The Star.  “I’ve always wanted to do something really crazy with Toronto, collaborate with other people and do more of a budget thing. I would love to do something really amazing with proper drones.”

 Head out to Ryan’s website for more eye-popping visuals, and watch his other videos on his Vimeo page.