There has been a slight flurry of videos being released lately that pay homage to surf photography/videography, and I’m ok with that. I kind of hope everyone else that isn’t a filmmaker can enjoy a film like this. This film is about more than just making a film, but about the feelings, the places, the people and the dreams associated with it.

Times are changing, and a new breed of artists are closing the gap on their ambitions; relieved of obstacles that were hindering a decade ago. When a musician’s Soundcloud uploads turn into a world tour, and a photographer’s steady Instagram following evolves into an international campaign, it’s clear to see that more than ever, being a creator is synonymous with being self-made.

Shooting in not controlled environments is hard. Really hard. The makers of this film, The Creator Class, say it’s a 50/50 chance of failure or success. I think that’s generous. Where these guys go, I would expect it to be a lot, lot worse.