It’s officially arrived, people. The Belfie Stick, a selfie device specifically configured for behind-the-back photo ops, is taking us by storm. Once the creators of social media website realized their network was being infiltrated with a plethora of viewers posting butt-selfies, they scrambled to fill a wide-open niche in the selfie-technology sector. CTO Kevin Deegan spoke with Business Insider about the origin of the Belfie Stick. “We’ve noticed a huge spike in users taking butt selfies in recent months so the natural next step was for us to develop a device to assist our users in taking one,” he said.

To say the Belfie Stick has been an instant hit with selfie-photogs everywhere is an understatement. Out of sheer curiosity—we’re professionals, after all—one of our editors called up the product’s PR department for a loaner and discovered that the company has completely sold out of merchandise. No loaners in stock. “They’re on backorder from our manufacturer,” they said. “We’re unsure when we’ll be getting them back in.”


Typical selfie sticks are around the $15 mark. The Belfie Stick sells for $79.99, and it’s SELLING OUT.

Honestly though, has the human race become that narcissistic? Is it all just a cry for help? Has our butt really become more important than our face? Perhaps it’s an evolutionary bump in the road—and a mentality that we need to be shaken drastically out of. Whatever it is, the fragrant success of the Belfie Stick is proof that people need to seriously chill out and keep their heads from being wrapped around their own asses.