If you want to know what is popular in the current photo, video or design worlds, there are few organizations better equipped to find that out than Shutterstock. With more than 47 million images (not to mention video and audio clips) in the Shutterstock library, they are able to get a grasp on where the creative industry’s top trends are going by looking at what their thousands of customers are searching for.  Shutterstock has presented their findings in a nifty interactive infographic, which we highlight below.

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If you’re considering getting into stock photo/video production, this is highly informative data that can guide you in where you should be focusing your efforts. Outside of that, it’s also interesting from this perspective: where do you want to stand? When working with your own creative media, do you want to follow the trends, or buck them in favor of something less conventional?

The infographic is a lot more interesting if you look at it via their interactive webpage. Make sure you don’t miss that.