“My art is a tribute to Nature. It is an offering, a moment of contemplation. In this series, entitled GRACIA, I have chosen to expose nature’s paradox. Breathing new life into branches desiccated by time and to flowers left to grow wild in the fields, I create new spaces. Every living thing I capture has an individuality that I want to share. It is in the simple details wherein divinity lies. People have different interpretations when viewing this series, as experience is unique to each of us, but if you explore it with your heart, you will undoubtedly feel the freedom that nature offers us.” – Ysabel Lemay

WhispersWhispers © Ysabel Lemay

Azul copyAzul © Ysabel Lemay

Metamorphose copyMetamorphose © Ysabel Lemay

Ousia copyOusia © Ysabel Lemay

Sanctum copySanctum © Ysabel Lemay

Ysabel LeMay was born in Canada and now resides in Naples, Florida. She has recently drawn the attention of the New York art scene as she was selected to be part of a show at the Chelsea Art Museum and won the 2011 Kipton Rising Stars Program. Her work appears in several other exhibitions throughout the U.S., including Art Basel in Miami.

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