The creative mojo comes at the most unexpected moments. Most of the time you wait for it until you doze off or find yourself reading endless feed from your Facebook. For the persistent few who don’t give up until the flood gates of inventiveness open, it can happen at any time – such as the case of photographer Chris Sallquist, who during a late night experiment of bending and warping various magazine covers, he came up with a unique idea for a photography concept.


Like most photographers, Chris has gone through a period of finding his artistic character amidst a highly competitive industry where styles and techniques tend to become redundant.  “I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t doing what I’m meant to do,” recalls Chris Sallquist, who is a Seattle-based editorial director by day, about his career ten years ago.



Chris starts off with the simple process of coming up with a haunting portrait. “Then I search for a secondary image that transforms the person into someone else,” he explains. “Each piece reveals the unseen stories that lurk beneath the beautiful façade of the people featured in fashion magazines across cultures. These stories have always been there, but no one has revealed them until now.” In choosing the images for the main portrait, Chris blends the use of his own works and existing stock magazine covers.


His works are always seen as surreal, quirky with hints of the grotesque and a sexy characteristic that makes viewers guess the meaning of each mashed-up photographs. It is safe to suggest that, with this technique, Chris is also shooting (and mashing) for a way to stimulate our minds every time we look at his beautiful Instargram series.

Chris Sallquist will have a solo photography exhibition at at Zeitgeist Seattle starting on February 5 until March 4, 2015.

To see more of Chris’ ‘Arts Mashing’ and other custom made portraits, visit his official website ARTS MASHING and follow him on IG.