Format, a popular portfolio website for photographers, has expanded their services in the mobile realm with the release of Kredo, a free iPad portfolio app that enables creatives including photographers, designers, illustrators and artists to present their work professionally, both in person and online. Kredo is a digital step forward over the printed portfolio piece, as you can share your retina-quality, high resolution portfolios online by email, social media, or within the in-app “Discover Network.” That discovery network is the latest attempt to get the right creatives hired by the right people. It’s a bold move, and if it works out, will be the first foray to succeed in this endeavor.




The Kredo iPad Portfolio app offers an intuitive slideshow feature that allows for a more professional in-person presentation. With Kredo, you can upload your work and easily manage and customize your portfolio on the go from anywhere, even without an internet connection. Last minute changes can quickly be resolved with creative work easily imported from Dropbox, iTunes, the iPad Photo Library, or from a Online Portfolio. All creative work is stored on a secure, private cloud account. Projects within the portfolio can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter publicly or privately by securing access to work with a password. Shared work is available to be viewed within the browser at any time.



The aforementioned Discover Network is a global mobile online community that connects creative professionals with peers and prospective clients, serving as a platform to promote talent, build professional relationships, and find inspiration. One of the goals with Discover Network is to give creative directors a new platform for sourcing the right people for their specific project needs. Creative talent can be quickly discovered by defining criteria like geographic location or industry, and portfolios can be viewed at Retina levels of resolution.






Though this is an ambitious goal, we would like to see how this actually generates jobs for creatives. There are a lot of companies who have tried this in the past in some way, shape or form but none of them have really caught on. If Format can change that with Kredo, this will be something that everyone will want to be a part of.

Kredo is designed for the iPad and is available for free in App Store. You can get more information at