Hasseblad has announced that the interim period of Ian Rawcliffe has ended and a new CEO has been appointed. The new CEO, Perry Oosting, has over 25 years of experience in brand, product, marketing and sales-management to the company and has worked for iconic global brands such as Bulgari, Prada and Gucci. He is the former CEO of luxury mobile phone manufacturer VERTU where he had success increasing revenue and profit by a substantial amount and initiated a change in the operating system of the company’s phones to widen appeal and broaden the audience. Obviously Hasselblad is hoping he can have similar success at Hasselblad.


Though I am excited for new leadership at the company, Oosting’s background in pure luxury brands has me a bit concerned, as I have never been a fan of the direction Hasselblad has been taking their consumer products over the past few years. The Lunar and Stellar just never made much sense to me and I hope that this new CEO will at least take a fresh angle on the subject, if he insists on continuing the fashion trend Hasselblad has been following.