I have to say guys, I’m a little surprised. From giant curved TVs, to tiny SSDs the size of a business card, to action cameras and NFC connected cameras and living rooms, this was the #1 product you guys responded to on our Instagram: The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera, powered by Android KitKat.



I think I understand why you guys like it. It’s a mix of the fun of physical Polaroids¬†and technology. It takes pictures and instantly prints them onto little stickers, but those photos can also be kept digitally for sharing or printing again later. It brings the best of instant film and mixes it with the timelessness of digital files. But if you actually used it, you would notice how slow and clunky it is. And honestly, it’s kind of enormous. Take a moment to look at the size of the fingers in that photo. I mean, where are you going to keep this thing?

So tell me guys, why was this your favorite thing at CES?