Polaroid is well aware of the nostalgia that surrounds its old instant film cameras and is doing their best to capitalize on it with a set of products offering different types of mobile printing. This month they unveiled a new device that will try and recapture that classic experience of snapping a shot ant instantly being able to share a physical copy with friends. The Zip Mobile Printer is Polaroid’s new solution to the instant gratification they made their name on. It turns any Android or iOS device into a Polaroid Instant Camera by printing any of your shots on the spot via a bluetooth connection and a free app.




Approximately the size of a smartphone, the Polaroid Zip mobile printer weighs just 186g (.41lbs) and measures 2.91” x 4.72”, just less than one inch thick. Clearly designed to be small so as not to interfere with your current lifestyle.  That aforementioned mobile app allows for a few other options and is the only way to control the printer, as the printer has only one physical button (on/off). Those options include:
– Enhancements to brightness, contrast, saturation and tint as well as 12 color filters including sepia, retro and HDR.

– A collage mode that allows users to feature up to 9 images on one single print.

– The ability to draw in various colors using the paint mode as well as the use of frames, stickers, stamps, emojis and animations to make the image stand out.

– A unique business card creator allows users to choose from several templates and add in their image and personal info for a creative leave behind.

– The option to make edits private and only viewable using the app’s secret view mode. Secret view will print the original photo with an individual QR code that, when scanned, will reveal the final image complete with add-ons and creative effects.


The device can print 2″x3″ photos in about a minute and is set to be released this spring for around $130.00.