There are quite literally no lenses with image stabilization that work quite as well as what we see out of Tamron Vibration Compensation. That’s it, end of conversation. To date, likely the only image stabilization that might be as good or better is the new built-in system on the Sony a7 II. For the rest of us, Tamron is a go-to, especially for DSLR video. I’ve been waiting for news on how much Tamron’s new 15-30mm f/2.8 would cost, and now that wait is over: $1,199. The lens is now available for pre-order and it looks to start shipping at the end of the month.

tamron 15-30mm now preorder


I am really curious as to what improvements Tamron has made to this over one of my other favorite lenses, the 17-50mm. That lens, though great at image stabilizing, had a poor build quality, soft edges in photos and left a green tinge to images. Hopefully the 15-30mm can resolve that.