As someone who has personally worked with a variety of apex predators in a professional context, I can tell you first-hand: Animals are scary as sh*t. Sure, they can be trained, domesticated or what have you, but in the end animals will never truly deviate from their natural instincts. If they’re hungry, they’re going to eat. If they’re aggravated, they might attack. The philosophies that apply to those working with animals professionally holds true for photographers and videographers capturing them through visual media. The key to working with animals, in any form or fashion, is to always stay on your guard—remember, one wrong move could lead to some seriously disastrous consequences.

As a friendly reminder to our fellow industry professionals to stay safe in the field (you can thank us later), we’ve curated some of the most gruesome animal attacks caught on tape, in scenes ranging from home-shot videos of Indian circuses to footage capturing an attack in open water. These videos are not meant for the squeamish by any means, dear Resource readers—you have been warned.

1. Lion Attacks Feeder at Indian Circus

2. Tiger Charges A Man Riding an Elephant

3. Girl Attacked by a Shark on Film

4. White Tiger Mauls Man at Delhi Zoo

5. NatGeo Wild Captures Bear Attack

6. Alligator Attacks Youth during Show

7. Tiger Attacks Circus Trainer

8. Man Escapes Gruesome Bear Attack

Bottom line? Animals do not f*ck around. You can find other extreme videos of animal attacks here.