The imagery we search for is rather telling of who we are. I mean, you’re most likely not searching for things that you—or anybody else—is not interested in, right? So don’t pretend like you didn’t search for Kim Kardashian’s booty. Here is some of the most searched for stock imagery of 2014, courtesy of Getty Images.


460395230_10© Kevin Kane/Getty Images

According to Getty Images, both ‘Taylor Swift’ and ‘Kim Kardashian’ have been popular celebrity searches throughout the past few years. In 2014, though, they managed to increase their popularity and become two of the three most searched for celebrities (next to Beyonce’, which is totally acceptable). Kim, pull up your pants. And Taylor, please stay far, far away from Brooklyn.


452293164_10© Pierre Crom/Getty Images

‘Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’ and ‘Malaysia Airlines Flight 17’ were the two of the most searched for news events on Getty in 2014. Needless to say, it was a pretty horrific year for the airline. First, there was the Boeing 777 that disappeared over the South Indian Ocean, followed by the jet that crashed in the Ukraine only a few months later. Since the circumstances of these tragedies continue to remain unclear, let’s do ourselves a favor and move past the conspiracy theories and on to the next major tragedy that will inevitably go down in 2015.


485205797_7© Monty Rakusen, Cultura/Getty Images

At this point, ‘3-D Printing’ has just about made its way into the mainstream, which is probably why it was one of the most widely searched tech terms on Getty in 2014. These days, miniature printers are available to consumers, and colleges are implementing them for every day use. It’s not to say that 3-D printing isn’t totally cool, but when it becomes the hottest topic of conversation at Christmas dinner it may be time to find something new to confuse your grandparents (or parents) with. But that’s what a new year is for, right?


514351105_11© Anthony Harvie, Stone/Getty Images

Ironically enough, the most searched for conceptual terms were  ‘cooperation’, ‘success’ and ‘connection’. And, to little surprise, within the top 10 concepts visitors showed more interest in imagery that visualizes ‘inspiration’, ‘direction’ and ‘change’ this year than in 2013…

Cheers to a new year! Visit the Getty Images site for all of your stock media needs.