There are countless ways for you to further your education as a photographer. There’s the time-honoured educational options such as schooling, workshops, conventions, 2nd shooting, mentoring, self-study, books and practicing. There are also a myriad of new educational options, such as online communities, magazines (you’re here on, membership sites, blogs, eBooks, podcasts and video.

I’ve written about education for photographers on several times:

Today is an exciting time to be a photographer! There has never been a time in our history when you could learn so much, so quickly, and in so many different ways!

One particular educational platform that I am especially passionate about is podcasting.


39 million American’s can’t be wrong

In 2014, Edison Research conducted a survey, and according to their findings, there are over 39 million Americans who actively listen to podcasts, who spend 25% of their “audio time” listening to podcasts. That’s a lot of podcast listening!

It is a lot … in fact, in 2013, Apple announced podcasts had reached 1 billion subscriptions across over 225,000 shows. That’s triple what it was only 5 years ago. Podcasts are making a comeback and they are very much considered a household name now. So much so that the podcasts app is now installed by default, natively, on every new iPhone, iPad and iPod, and it’s a mandatory, non-removable app on iOS 8.

From a commercial perspective, too, podcasts have really taken off. Podcast advertising currently holds the highest value to marketers, who will pay a CPM on average of $20–45 for podcast advertising, versus $5–20 for the same ad spot on a TV show, and only $1–8 on a radio broadcast.

High-quality, intimate on-demand education … FREE!

Ok, you’re with me. I’ve convinced you (if you weren’t already) that podcasting is popular. But why should you listen to podcasts?

Well, I believe there are 8 main reasons that you should listen to podcasts:

  1. Passive education – You can listen to podcasts passively while doing other things like editing, working out, walking or driving. Podcast listening is education and multitasking at it’s finest!
  2. Portable – You can bring the podcast around with you on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android device, or other smartphone, and always have it with you.
  3. On-demand – you can pause, rewind, fast-forward, skip episodes all on-demand.
  4. Intimate – There’s a sense of intimacy in putting someone’s voice into your ear buds and listening to them. You get to know the host, the guests, and it’s a very personable form of education.
  5. High quality – Podcasters are a passionate bunch! They always bring high-quality guests, dive deep into discussion topics and spend a lot of time preparing to give you the best episodes they can. You can be sure that you’re getting very high-quality education.
  6. Automatic delivery – When you subscribe to a podcast, you automatically download the latest episodes when they’re released, so you’ll always get the latest.
  7. Long-form – Most podcast episodes are typically at least 30 minutes, and the publishing frequency is usually weekly, so you get a lot of content, which ultimately means great in-depth education.
  8. Free – There’s no arguing with this benefit! Podcasts are always free. Side-benefit: many podcasters also have products, courses or workshops for sale, so getting to know an educator, their content, their value and their style through a podcast is a great way to “try it” before you “buy it”.

If you’re just getting going with listening to podcasts, here are 8 photography-related podcasts that I think you’d really enjoy:

  1. This Week in Photo with Frederick Van Johnson
  2. TogTools Podcast with Stephen and Jess Robertson
  3. Photography Marketing Masters with Nigel Merrick
  4. Converge Podcast with Dane Sanders
  5. Sticky Albums Podcast with Nate Grahek
  6. Creative Warriors Podcast with Jeffrey Shaw
  7. Photography Business XPosed wth Andrew Hellmich
  8. Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast with Heidi Thompson

The Business of Photography Podcast from

Of course … I would also (shamelessly) recommend that you subscribe to and listen to my own podcast from Sprouting Photographerthe Business of Photography Podcast. We’re currently up to episode #83, publishing twice weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday, and have a third episode every-other-week on Saturdays, which is our Weekend Wisdom with Skip Cohen program.

We talk exclusively about the business of photography, and give specific, how-to advice around sales, pricing, marketing, branding and customer experience. We have had everyone who’s anyone on the podcast, including photographers like Jerry Ghionis, Sarah Petty, Lori Nordstrom and Dane Sanders, as well as business experts and best-selling authors like Guy Kawasaki, Sally Hogshead, Jay Baer, John Jantsch and Scott Stratten. Our Sprouting Photographer podcast guest alumni is extensive, and I’d run out of room here if I listed all our guests. You’ll have to tune in to listen to all the interviews!

We are currently getting more than 30,000 downloads per month on our podcast, and has been ranked on the 1st page in our iTunes podcast category consistently.

Apple emailed us about something big …

On Thursday, December 11th, we received an email from Apple with a BIG announcement. Ready for it?

Our podcast was chosen to be on the “iTunes Best of 2014” list!

That’s right … of all the 225,000+ podcasts in iTunes, we were featured to be one of the best! The best part is that we were 1 of only 3 podcasts that were business podcasts, and we were the only photography podcast!

We are incredibly honoured to be in the company of shows like the Tim Ferris Show, The Adam Carolla Show, TED Talks and CBC Radio among others.

Included in “iTunes Best of 2014” – come join us!

If you are currently a Sprouting Photographer Podcast listener, then thank you! We appreciate your support and loyalty. If you enjoy the show, we’d really love your rating and review in iTunes if you haven’t done so already.

If you are a podcast listener but don’t already subscribe to our show, then we’d love it if you would come join us! You can find us by searching “Sprouting Photographer” in iTunes or the Podcast App, or by visiting this link.

Lastly, if you are not a podcast listener, then I’d really like to encourage you to consider it. Why not, after-all? It’s a great passive, long-form style of education, with on-demand, portable, high-quality and intimate discussions. Oh yeah, and it’s FREE!