This week’s Tuesday Tips is based on a photograph from my studio. As a photojournalist and corporate photographer, I do the majority shoots on location, although I do use my studio for some assignments. Quite often, I use my studio like my test kitchen exploring new lighting techniques and testing new equipment. All of the light in this photograph was produced using three speedlights and a plant! Ok, I used some other equipment.

My wonderful model for this shoot is Hyunah Jang.  A superb photographer, now working in Hawaii.

The main light in this photograph is a Nikon speedlight shot through a Flashbender XL Pro Strip Diffuser. The hairline light another speedlight with  a Rogue Grid  and a 1/2 CTO orange gel on a boom overhead. For the background, we placed a third strobe on the floor behind the screen with a blue gel  and fired it through a plant to give us the pattern on the screen. We used a piece of foam core to bounce the light from the Flashbender back on to our model’s face.  ISO 125, f 7.1 and shutterspeed 1/100.1406237363791

This set up works well in a really small space and—with the exception of the screen and plant—is really portable.  The end photograph just does not feel like it was shot in a really small space.

Gear used in this shoot:

Nikon D800
Nikon 70-200 f2.8 zoom lens
Nikon 3 Speedlights
4 PocketWizard Plus III
ExpoImaging Rogue XL Pro Strip Diffuser (main light)
ExpoImaging Rogue Grid with gel (Hairline light)
Rosco Blue gel (background)
Manfrotto Justin Clamp (to hold a form core)

Location Lighting Workshops

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