Start-up has been a hot word recently, and there are many new companies out their looking to lead the next big revolution in their industry. The photography world has been teaming with new start-up recently, and here are a few you may want to keep your eye on.


1. Rinse



Rinse is all about taking the time to tell the story that goes with your images. This site is invitation-only and every photographer’s work is reviewed for quality before going up. This leads to some amazing photo essays and stories being portrayed in a very clean and elegant fashion. If you have a story to tell with your work, this is a great place to do so.


2. Foldio


This seems like a silly idea, but it’s actually pretty cool. This mobile photo studio unfolds and gives you a professional looking backdrop for quickly shooting small products anywhere. The Folio even includes a battery operated LED light.


3. Unsplash


This website is a simple source of free high-res creative commons photos. Every ten days they upload ten new photos, that anyone can do anything with. A simple solution if you simply need a quick image and don’t want to worry about infringing on someones copy-right.


4. NYC Type


If you’re a typography nerd and totally obsessed with design, you’ll love this site. NYC Type is a collection of typography designs around New York City that the site’s creators find unique or inspiring. An interesting idea, and a good place to go when seeking inspiration.


5. Defrozo


This is a great all in one app to help manage a photography business. with just one login, you can manage your entire workflow, portfolio, and marketing.


6. Dribble

Untitled 2

Feedback is critical to any creative person, (although not always fun or pleasant.) Dribble is a place where you can crowd source feedback on your creative works from peers. Think of it as a place to crowdsource your critical feedback, and share your knowledge with others as well.


7. Cineskates


These are a cheap and clever solution to video stabilization. This Kickstarted product features a simple adjustable tripod that rolls on skateboard style wheels. they’re a cheap alternative to expensive and bulky traditional stabilizers.


8. Snapwire

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This site allows for anyone to request a photo of something, and photographers from around the world can submit their shots, with the winner gets paid for their image. It’s a simple and fast way for companies to crowdsource stock images.