Are you embarrassed by your old yearbook photos? You shouldn’t be, because those young and awkward picture of you can be amazing, it just depends on how you look at them.

Photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte set out to capture the nostalgia of yearbook photos and combined it with his sleek modern tone for his series “Yearbook.” This collection captures both the awkwardness and beauty wonderfully, and it makes for some very interesting contrast. 

Jeffrey Vanhoutte 15

An image of the Book “Hair by Loenhout”


Vanhoutte is a photographer that currently works with mostly Belgian and international clients. He has a degree in professional photography from Coloma School in Mechelen and began working as a freelance photographer at the age of 21. Although he started by shooting food and other still life photography, he eventually moved on to working with models.

The series “Yearbook” was a collaboration with Van Loenhout Salon that aimed to show off contemporary hairstyles with a retro and nostalgic tone. It works great, and really highlights the style by contrasting it with the aged and awkward feeling of the rest of the model’s body and their environments.

Jeffrey Vanhoutte 11

Jeffrey Vanhoutte 12


“‘Yearbook’ reflects a number of fashions and fads from the last decennia, drenched in the atmosphere of American College where yearbooks have long predated Facebook.” says the caption of the series in the book: Hair by Loenhout 

Jeffrey Vanhoutte 8

Jeffrey Vanhoutte 9

Jeffrey Vanhoutte 10


“These awkward yearly reports were filled with pictures of boys and girls with unflattering hairdos, glasses and other nerdy accessories, oblivious to the shame they would feel in years to come.”

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 (All images ©Jeffrey Vanhoutte)

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