Alright, Episode 2 is in the books! This one is going to be hard to beat folks, as this week we were joined by high-end retoucher Pratik Naik who not only gives us his input into a wide range of subjects we cover (such as the new Konost Rangefinder camera mockup, celebrities releasing unretouched photos of themselves, Lytro’s bizarre industry shift, and the death of DSLRs to consumers), but also gives us his full review of the Photoshop competitor software, Affinity Photo.

Lytro Fires Staff, Pivots to VR with $50m Infusion
Konost Digital Rangefinder Introduction/Announcement
Mythbusters Reboot, Upgraded Gear, More Focus on Process
GH4 Handheld Gimble by PilotFly
Make a Film with iPad
Prediction: DSLRs for None but Pros

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