My good friend Toby Harriman just finished a project he’s been slaving over for what seems like years (it actually could very well be years, it is at least one), and the final result is outstanding. Created from hundreds of hours of time spent out over the city at the best times to capture fog and motion, Harriman has created a vision of San Francisco the likes of which I’ve never seen. He also had the music score specifically created for this project, which helps add to the uniqueness of the film.

This film means a lot to me. It is one of the biggest personal projects I’ve ever worked on.


I searched for music for months. Finally deciding to work with James Everingham: a talented 14 year old from the UK. He ended up composing a full custom composition and it came out perfect!


I also want to thank my friend and college David Hultin, for designing the incredible Gotham SF logo for this film. He is another very talented artist that joins me in my business venture: Planet Unicorn.


This is my vision come to life after hours of setting up, shooting, and editing. It is my art and my love for San Francisco, photography, and timelapse.


Toby captured every shot you see here on a Canon 6D and 5DMK III with a variety of Canon L series lenses. For his motion controlled shots, he used an eMotimo 3-Axis system as well as a Kessler Shuttle Pod Mini 8 foot dolly.

Check out the entire photo series here.

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