If you’re been following the news of this industry for a while, then you know Blair Bunting. His work is stands out, and you can generally see his lighting and style a mile away. That is no different in this latest campaign he finished, but what is different is how those images were brought to life.

From Blair’s blog:

The idea, straight from the mind of Pete over at LaneTerralever, was to parallax a commercial. “What is parallax” you say? Think of when you were in grade school and you had to do one of those cheesy plays where every parent in the audience thinks that his or her child should be in search of a talent agency because they memorized 23 words and did not faint on stage. Sorry, got distracted there. Anyway, there is always a part in that play where some kid is on a boat made of a tricycle and cardboard, and they are in the rough ocean. In order to create this imaginary ocean in the elementary school cafeteria, they use whats called parallax. This is where they have on set of blue waves on a stick in front of the kid and one behind. The movement of these waves back and forth creates in your mind the idea of the ocean.


You can see the individual photos he captured on his blog, and after they went to the animator in After Effects, the end result is pretty awesome.