Lowepro wanted something different, special for their Echelon bag release. The Echelon series is different from anything they had made before, and therefore the images needed to “pop” in ways that would separate them from past photo shoots. With this in mind, they asked Loweprofessional Blair Bunting, a personal friend of mine, to shoot the campaign in a way that would highlight the new line. Blair decided to try his hand at fashion, and in my opinion he nailed it.

Blair isn’t a fashion photographer, but it’s a medium he’s always found an interest in. Using relatively simple lighting, Blair produced images for Lowepro unlike anything the company has had in its history.

Echelon Roller Studio_4C

Echelon Attache_4C 1

Echelon Brief and Roller_4C 1

Echelon_3 Bags_4C

Echelon_OnRoller_4C 1

Echelon_Studio_4C 1



For Blair’s account of how this bag series came together, head over to his blog. And for more information on the Lowepro Echelon, check out Lowepro’s blog.

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