Bruno Graciano has been an avid rock climber since the age of 15. Throughout the years he has climbed some of the world’s trickiest and most exciting walls, bringing with him his camera and a passion for photography. Today, the 28 year old Brazilian documents all the highs and thrills of the sport – along with another adrenaline-pumping activity called highlining. Bruno reflects back to his earlier days as a budding climber trying to hone his skills near his hometown of Minas Gerais. “In most sports, you either win or lose. But climbing is about your own personal experience, like any good mother, (my mother) would say, ‘Go study, there is no future in climbing,’” Bruno recalls.

The future turned out to be good for Bruno, as after he found his footing in the sport he is now able to spread its popularity through his Instagram account which has since garnered more than 13,000 followers all eager to see what kind of adventure-laden images he will upload next.

Although a veteran of many successful ascents, Bruno admits to still being gripped by fear. “I have been scared many times,” he says. “The danger of heights and the emptiness beneath you me are constants, but the confidence in my equipment gives me the reassurance I need to keep going.” Along the way, he uses his camera to highlight the dangers of the sports, so up and coming rock climbers would learn to appreciate that the sport also requires utmost dedication similar to what every artists dedicate themselves to their respective crafts.

One of Bruno’s favorite subjects aside from rock climbers are athletes engage in the sport of “Highlining.” By definition it is the act of “slacklining at elevation above the ground or water. Many slackliners consider highlining to be the pinnacle of the sport. Highlines are commonly set up in locations that have been used or are still used for Tyrolean traverse.” To date, Bruno has photographed highliners against majestic mountain backgrounds and towering city towers particularly in his native Brazil.

Finally able to pursue both his first love; rock climbing and his new flame; photography, Bruno delights in his world of combining both and traveling the world to spread the gospel of these twin sports that screams of tenacity, strength, discipline and balance to a wider audience. Although, he has gone to a lot of climbing spots all over the world, Bruno still prefers the walls of Serra do Cipó, in his native Brazil as his favorite climbing and photography location.

“The views are surreal and you can find climbers from all different backgrounds and skill levels there,” he says. “Climbing in Brazil is different from other places, especially due to the country’s soaring daytime temperatures. To adapt to the heat, we often climb at night,” Bruno explains. As with photography,  rock climbing allows Bruno to grow as an artist and become more creative. “Every climb is different, and you are always faced with something new,” he says. “That is very inspiring.”

To see more of Bruno’s photos from high altitudes, follow @brungraciano on Instagram.