Video has become a ubiquitous feature in modern cameras. Whether or not you should be shooting video on whatever camera you are currently holding, there is a very high likelihood that you can shoot video. Even the new Canon 5DS and 5DS R cameras have video functionality despite no headphone jack, 60p or HDMI out… and the fact that Canon has told me pretty plainly that it’s not designed to be a video camera.

So why? Why put it in at all? I wouldn’t have judged them if they left it out.

But I digress. Medium Format video has a tantalizing ring to it, but as of right now video taken on a medium format camera (specifically the Pentax 645Z) doesn’t carry with it that “medium format look.” So if it doesn’t have that “look,” then what’s the point? Maybe the new Leica S Type 007 will change that; we shall see once it is available. But the crux of the argument isn’t even if it can or what it would look like if it did… the crux here is if they even should. It is a question of if there is even a reason to enable such a feature. My podcast partner Karaminder can see the world that would be better with medium format video. I’m less convinced.

The video above is a segment from ReWrap Podcast, a weekly show focusing on trends in the photo and video industry.

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