For me, Eyefi has sat outside the circle of pro gear for a long time, longingly looking over the fence at all the other products we all happily embrace. For example, up to this point EyeFi cards simply were either too slow (both in wireless and wired transfer speeds) and the new Cloud offerings from the company wouldn’t support raw, a critical piece of the puzzle for any serious photographer. Today that changes though, as EyeFi has announced their Mobi Pro card that supports selective transfer (so you don’t always have to send every photo taken to your devices), supports both JPEG and raw formats, and has updated their infrastructure and direct mode network support so that images are always properly transferred based on your present location.

Eyefi mobiPro Card

The new cards offer three new features that make them more of a legitimate choice for managing images and video wirelessly.

  • Selective transfer. With the previous Mobi cards, either everything transferred or nothing did. You can now control which images transfer from the camera to a mobile device or to their computer for editing, sharing and syncing.
  • Wireless RAW & JPEG file transfer. Wireless transfer of both raw and JPEG is a great addition. You can now send JPEG images to your mobile device for instant preview, quick editing and sharing (like on Instagram). You can send raw files directly to desktop for post-processing with tools such as Adobe Lightroom. The Eyefi card will now transfer video to the EyeFi cloud and be visible and playable there.

Eyefi mobiPro Features

Eyefi mobiPro Data Handling

  • Infrastructure and direct mode network support. Images are securely and automatically transferred whether shooting on location, at home or in a studio. Away from home, Mobi Pro creates its own WiFi hotspot to enable instant transfer. At home, Mobi Pro connects to a local network to transfer images at high speeds.

Integrated apps and services speed workflow

Every Eyefi Mobi and Mobi Pro WiFi SD card includes fully integrated mobile and desktop apps that work from the moment of capture, speed workflow and make it easy to find and access photos anytime, anywhere. With the launch of Mobi Pro, powerful new capabilities have been added to Eyefi Cloud and apps.

  • Advanced photo visualization tools let you quickly compare photos and view detailed image EXIF data.
  • Eyefi mobile apps work with Eyefi Cloud to intelligently retain original resolution images while rendering the best image for the viewing device. As a result, photographers can enjoy their entire photo collection on all their devices at any time. With Eyefi photo-uploading, photographers can even add all their computer-stored photos to their collection and enjoy them on any device. 

EyeFi mobiPro Data

  • Eyefi Cloud uses advanced image analysis to automatically classify images for instant organization, sharing and search by category. In addition to basic date, time and geo locations, images are automatically identified by subject area such as food, indoor, outdoor and dozens of other attributes making it fast and easy to find photos.

Eyefi is working to increase the viability of their cloud offering, which already gives you an impressive unlimited amount of storage for $50 a year… but if you buy an Eyefi Mobi Pro card, you get a free year included. Each card you get has this offering, and each card you buy will stack the number of years you can use the service included. That shows a dedication to the product that we don’t normally see.

We are working on a full review of the new card, but I did run a preliminary speed test to see if the Mobi Pro is competitive during wired transfer… and I was disappointed by the results:

Eyefi Mobi Pro Speed Test

This is one of the worst scores I’ve seen out of a major manufacturer of memory cards in terms of read/write speed. The results make the card look as though it hasn’t had an upgrade in its transfer speeds in 5-7 years. It’s not fast enough to handle any type of video well, though you could probably get away with standard 1080 or 720 capture. I just wouldn’t count on it for maximizing your camera’s buffer.

That aside, Eyefi has been on a tear in recent months with updates to their services. It seems that they have something new to talk about every three months, which tells me that things will only get better for Eyefi in the near future. For now, it’s clear the services Eyefi is pumping into their cloud platform and their physical Pro card are aimed to bring in more than the casual shooter. If you are already a fan of Eyefi, the Mobi Pro card is probably something you will be excited about.

The card is priced at $99.99 and as mentioned, comes with 1 full year of membership to Eyefi Cloud with unlimited syncing and storage.