NYCFotoworks is coming to LA on March 17 and 18. So if you’re an up-and-coming or emerging photographer, don’t miss this annual opportunity to have your work evaluated—and maybe even hired—by top professionals in the industry today.

“The portfolio review is something you really have to take seriously. You’re representing yourself, so the review’s a really valuable preparation and exercise that sort of gives you a hammering,” says Hasselblad President Michael Hejtmanek, who is working with Hasselblad to sponsor the event by hosting workshops for photographer in between reviews.

He adds, “You’re going to see so much and you’re going to get so much feedback in one day that you’re going to grow as a photographer. And hopefully you’ll listen to that feedback and grow what you’re doing while still being true to yourself.”


NYCFotoworks, or in this case LAFotoworks, portfolio review brings together an incredibly impressive list of art buyers, photo editors, creative directors, reps and design firms to meet one on one with established and up and coming professional artists. It’s an outright fantastic event for photographers to have real authentic exchanges, and to better understand what they’re trying to achieve with their work. “For anyone taking part in a portfolio review, I’d recommend taking the next day off and really processing the valuable feedback that was given to you,”Hejtmanek says.

Apply for Fotoworks here and click here for the list of reviewers who will be present at the event.