Having worked with traditional Landscape Photography for decades, Christian Fletcher  has recently pursued more abstract Aerial Photography. To him this kind of photography demands the best, the best being a Phase One 80 mega pixel camera system.

Christian Fletcher:

“I have always strived to get the best imagery I can. Having the best camera helped me achieve those goals.”

Come along when Christian Fletcher embarks on a beautiful journey to capture the Australian landscape from the ground and from the air.


“I like to shoot straight down when I’m photographing the landscape from the air. For me it becomes more of an abstract, because you don’t have the horizon. It could be anything. You are looking down on a pattern or shape. A design that is totally foreign. It doesn’t even look like it is from this planet on some occasions.”


“The Phase One IQ280 back is brilliant for aerial photography. With 80 megapixel you have the ability to create huge prints. In my gallery we have prints that are up to 60×80 inches. And the detail that you still retain making such a huge print is incredible. That is why I had to go medium format and that’s why I chose a Phase One. It is giving me the most megapixels of any camera, lots of dynamic range, and the ability to capture the detail like I have never seen before.”


“Down on the South West (Australia) we have some of the most amazing scenery in the world. We probably have the best beaches in the world. We have got the bluest water and whitest sands. We have green rolling hills; we have amazing forests and rugged coastlines, huge swells. It is an incredible place to photograph.”


Christian explains how Capture One Pro 8 imaging software helps him to get the most out of his images:

“I use Capture One for my RAW processing with the Phase One files. I find Capture One is incredible with color. The most amazing RAW processor I’ve used in that respect. With Capture One Pro 8 now being released I find that works even better with color.”


“My passion for photography has been going on for over 30 years now and it will go on for another 30 years. As long as I’m alive I will be taking photographs. The thought of ever retiring just doesn’t enter my mind.”



Check out more of Christian Fletcher’s stunning work in the Phase One Gallery and on Christian’s website.