Angelica Garcia has been fascinated by photography since her childhood, and has always had the urge to express herself through images. She wants her pictures to speak for themselves. She’s aware that many elements are at play when producing an image and most importantly for her, that they show a part of reality. However, she doesn’t see the process of creating pictures as a test of reality or truth. Her images are the result of her trying to build a reality on it’s own. To shed light on what moves her, how she relates to others, how to build judgments about her experiences being good or bad. Her photography makes her feel at peace and is constantly changing her view on the world.

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Garcia was born in Venezuela and graduated as a Professional Photographer from the Creative School of Photography Andy Goldstein in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also has a bachelor in Mass Media and Communications, from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela.

In 2013, her photos were shown in a digital projection, as part of the #CreativesRising digital exhibition organized by SeeMe in New York City.


Today, we look into her series “Vacío” (emptiness). These images are part of a conceptual photo series where she explores the concept of Emptiness. The idea of erasing people’s faces came to her in a dream. She began this project by searching for white walls on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and asking strangers who passed by if they wanted to participate in the project. Then, came a slow process of investigation on which method she was going to use to erase their faces. To create the particular effect shown in this series, she decided to print the images and manipulate their surface without using any digital methods.

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Afterwards, she would photograph the images again to register their change. While she was working on this project, she was able to write a lot and eventually came across with the source of this particular need of self-expression.

“Everyday I lose you… Time, you are like water that slips away from me. Presence. Moment. Movement. What can I do to show how you run from me? How can I show that even if I freeze you, you aren’t the same? How come if I steal your essence, I don’t have you anyway? Strange presence… Emptiness.”


This project allowed her to explore the loneliness she felt as a foreign student in Argentina. It helped her to come to terms with the fact that she could meet a lot of people there, but as soon as they returned to their home countries their presence would dissolve. It also reminded her that through photography she could make moments and persons memorable.

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