Today’s photographer of the day is Javier Corso. Corso started his studies as photographer at Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia (IEFC) in 2008. After graduating and doing a postgraduate, he began his professional career working on journals such as El Periódico de Catalunya and El País. While being a photographer, he had his part of winning awards and doing exhibitions around the globe.

His work has been awarded in LUX Photography Awards from Professional Photographers Association of Spain (AFPE) and exhibited in festivals such as FOTOWEEK DC (Washington D.C.) or VISA OFF (Perpignan, France). The Cervantes Institute of New York exhibited his project SOLDADOS in 2014 and two of his projects were EyeTime 2014 Emerging Talent Jury Winner (Morpholio).

He also got mentioned in the previous Resource article about the winners of the Eyeview contest 2014, an annual photo contest derived from the Morpholio Project.


We do not exist alone; we have shared human experiences and feelings that transcend time, place, and culture. Some artists create using universal themes that can be understood by all, others create using a combination of culture and personal meaning, and still others create works of art that hold deeply personal meaning understood only to them. Javier creates images with universal themes, which people can relate to. He says: “I wants to show people a part of the reality that they don’t know about”.


We all seek meaning in our lives, and Javier Corso has definitely found his; making beautiful pictures with a deeper message. Through art/photography you can express shared human experiences and that’s exactly what Javier is doing with his photography.


Today, we premiere his latest series “FISHSHOT”.
“Fishshot is a photographic and audiovisual documentary project, which shows the hardest and least known of Finland’s reality. A country that stands for quality of life but it hides high rates of suicide, homicide and violence. The excessive consumption of alcohol is present in more than half of the mentioned cases. A problem rooted in Finnish society that causes, directly or indirectly, a huge number of deaths among the population.

A subjective look that is based on the geographical and social environment surrounding the individual and the experience gathered in the country: the emotional isolation, emotional repression and exaltation of self-sufficiency largely explain the causes of their problems.”



FISHSHOT portrays the current social context, documenting the Nordic country in a time of global crisis and shows this reality in concrete and feature geography of the country, highlighting the contrasts between cities and rural areas; idyllic summers and icy dark winters.

Photographically we dive into the dark side of this society, trying to suggest with images what the Finns themselves are unable to convey in words. Their fears and their nightmares. The conditions of their daily lives and their struggle to overcome them. The pride and melancholy that define their race.


This project has an audiovisual part made by Lucía Pérez do Souto, which offers an explanation of the conflict through the testimony of those interviewed.

The Generalitat de Catalunya, the Associació Diomira gave a grant to make the project, and the Espai Fotogràfic Can Basté gave him another grant to produce the work.







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