The Photographer of the day is Pham Van Ty, a graphic designer working in Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam). He’s been an amateur photographer for the past 3 years, and photography is a hobby of his and he spends his free time shooting pictures of his homeland. He loves to shoot portraits of laborers, the Vietnamese lifestyle and landscapes especially of the coastline of Vietnam. The country boasts more than 3400km of land, with infinite stretches of powdery sand, coves, lagoons, impossible boulder formations and tropical islands ringed with yet more beaches.

5. old man thinking

Old minority Vietnamese guy thinking


His photos have been published in National Geographic Magazine and View Photography in Germany. He has just received the 1st place National Award from the Sony World Photography photo contest this month. The pictures that he takes depict Vietnamese people living their daily lives.

In these pictures you see  an old minority woman smoking, little children playing, and people contemplating the beauty of life. On a sunny day they take the brine to the fields and wait for the sun to do the work. Most of the field work is done by hand, though you would think  everything would be done by machines in this day and age. Salt may be inexpensive but it doesn’t come cheap.

8. eating old woman spoon

Old Vietnamese man enjoying his food.

23. drying fish in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Drying fish in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

22. woman sewing the fishing net

Woman sewing fishing nets

20. spirit light

Spirit light

19 Shapes of time

Shapes of time

18. pottery workshop

Pottery workshop

17. finished work fisherman

Finished work of a fisherman

16. salt harvest

Salt harvest

15. guy with pots on his shoulder


14. Cold winter in Hanoi woman with baskets

Cold winter in Hanoi woman with baskets.

12. Cham old man smoking in An Giang, Vietnam

Cham old man smoking in An Giang, Vietnam

11. lines woman sewing

woman knitting textitle

10. A scene in Dong Van highland market in Vietnam

A scene in Dong Van highland market in Vietnam

9. woman eating icecream

Vietnamese woman eating icecream

7. kungfu performance

kungfu performance.


Children playing during their holiday.

4. The Cham minority old people

Old man laughing of The Cham minority old people

3. 90year old portrait women

90year old women.

1. smoking women

Smoking minority women.


To see more of Pham’s  work, visit his site.


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