Earlier today, April 2, Adobe released Slate, its newest free storytelling and image presentation app for the iPad, dubbing it a simple and intuitive way for users to compose and share stories with a strong emphasis on images and text. Using pre-designed templates, users can create everything from magazine style vacation stories to newsletters and reports. Adobe’s main target for this app is teachers, students, nonprofits, small businesses, corporate employees and essentially anyone else looking to quickly and easily create a presentation.

Slate is actually Adobe’s follow up to their previous storytelling app, Voice, which worked in a very similar manner, but a bit more in depth. It’s Abode’s new attempt to simplify the concept and reach a wider audience.


With Slate, users can upload images from their iPad, Dropbox account or Creative Cloud, however, a Creative Cloud account isn’t required. With that said, the app has been criticized for not being quite as deep as Voice, and there does seem to be a lack of advanced photo and text editing options. For a simple and quick presentation, however, it seems to get the job done rather well. After all, Adobe told us themselves that even a “sixth grader can use it.”

Check out Adobe’s Slate story that outlines the app’s functions. And it even includes cats!