In shocking form, Kessler Crane has ended their business relationship with Philip Bloom amid allegations of domestic abuse. From Kessler’s website:

In light of recent allegations of domestic abuse involving Philip Bloom, Kessler Crane has decided to immediately end any and all business relationships with Mr. Bloom. It saddens us deeply to make this decision regarding a long-time partner, friend and community contributor but as an organization, Kessler Crane takes allegations of this nature very seriously and absolutely does not tolerate or condone abuse of any kind. Our hearts are with all victims on the road to recovery and our hope is that the accused will seek forgiveness and help.


As a result of the current circumstances, Kessler Crane is making a donation to the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, to aid them in their mission in working for the prevention and elimination of domestic violence – until the violence ends. We encourage all of those in the filmmaking community to find an avenue to support the end of domestic violence in their corner of the world and encourage anyone who may be dealing with abuse or knows of someone that is, to speak out and seek help.

There had been allegations swirling on Facebook that we believed had some level of traction in a small community of photographers, but went largely unnoticed by the larger photo community. Clearly Kessler saw enough in the allegations to end a very important business relationship with the filmmaker.

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