Manfrotto has announced three new consumer LED lighting solutions they are calling the LUMIE series. The LUMIE series is designed for photo enthusiasts and hobbyists looking for quality, usability and aesthetics. Manfrotto put heavy emphasis on design, quite proud of the way they look but also wanting to keep functionality in the forefront. The result is what they believe to be far and away better than any other options at this price point.

Three models make up the line: LUMIE PLAY, LUMIE ART and LUMIE MUSE.

The LUMIE Play (MLUMIEPL-BK) is the smallest LED in the LUMIE range. The Play is perfect for keeping in a small bag or even your pocket to give you that extra lighting kick when you need it. Especially great for lighting in macro photography and close quarters video and photography.


The LUMIE Art (MLUMIEART-BK) is the middle LED in the LUMIE range. With such highly portable dimensions and robust aluminum construction the Art is perfect for keeping in your kit bag to help you get extra creative with your lighting. The LUMIE Art is great in many situations for example in portrait and still life photography as well as for things like interviews or video blogs. Using more than one together will really expand the flexibility of your lighting.


The LUMIE MUSE (MLUMIEMU-BK) is the largest and brightest LED in the LUMIE range but is still ultra-portable. Keeping one or two LUMIE Muse’ in your kit bag will give your portable lighting set a real kick without all the extra weight and space needed for traditional lighting. The LUMIE Muse is great for lighting in myriad situations with excellent maximum light output and 4 step dimming you can adjust the lighting to suit your needs.


The new easy-to-use portable lighting solutions are appropriate to fit a variety of photographic needs. They implement super bright state-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology (SMT), superb color accuracy(<94 CRI) and excellent battery life with an integrated power source. LUMIE devices remain comfortably small, with the largest LUMIE in the range approximately the size of a pack of cards weighing just a mere 0.30 lbs. (140g). LUMIE devices also offer a round catch light, rather than square, which is ideal for portrait photography.

Control over the intensity of the light can be managed through a simple dimming button, which also doubles as the on-off switch. Since LEDs emit continuous light, the result of the users’ image can be seen directly on the camera’s screen or viewfinder before the image is taken, making adjusting the frame, composition and lighting a simplified process. Continuous light is also ideal for leveraging the superb video options available on modern cameras, which is impossible with flashguns.

Powered by Lithium-ion batteries, which can be recharged by a standard Micro-USB port, LUMIE devices offer long battery life, so users can make the most of their photo/video shoot without any interruptions.

The LUMIE range is intended to make lighting images as simple, flexible and unique as possible. With that in mind, a number of accessories can be purchased separately or in kits, including filters, a ball head and a tripod mount. The LUMIE range’s accessory filters help to change the color and diffusion of the light. Each LUMIE LED kit comes with a snap-fit filter mount as well as a variety of CTO and diffusing filters. In addition to the standard filters that come packed with every LUMIE, there are additional portrait, classic and multicolor filter kits available to expand the way the user approaches their lighting. Friction-based and enabling 360° pan movement horizontally and up to 35° in the vertical, the LUMIE ball head has been designed specifically for use with all LUMIE LED lights. The LUMIE tripod mount is a simple static accessory to attach the LED device to the hot-shoe mount of the camera. It also allows the user to place the LUMIE on a tripod, such as the Manfrotto Pixi mini tripod, using the ¼” adaptor on the underside.

The new LUMIE series replaces the current ML120, ML240 and ML360 LEDs. LUMIE devices and accessories are available now and range in price from $11.99 to $119.99.