The up and down of Photoflex reads like the action sequences in a script from a Liam Neeson movie, as not a few weeks ago they claimed they were finished, and yet today the lighting company is now stating that they are working through a process that will keep the brand alive.

Photofled Reopening back in business looking for buyer

I called Photoflex today, not two days after speaking personally with two former employees who are still very much not employed by Photoflex and believed the move to go out of business was complete, and was told that they are “finalizing a deal in the next 30 days” that might keep the brand alive. This basically means that the owners are working with a buyer who is planning to acquire the brand and its assets, if all goes well.

We will keep you all in the loop as we learn more, but for now Photoflex is being rather tight lipped on who their potential buyer is, how much of the deal is finalized, and what it will mean for the storied lighting brand.

  • TunaPiano TunaFish

    who cares!

  • Paul Aparycki

    Too many “gee-gaws” and very little substance. They had an interesting line, which grew too much, but their quality has always been iffy. Like most of the other cheapo contenders. I have owned their gear, but swore away many years ago, and went on with (and bit the bullit) to continue with Chimera and Plume (Bowens actually). Their quality is far and beyond anything that Photoflex would be willing to achieve. Expensive, yes. . . but still working well. Not like the Photoflex junk that I was obliged to throw in the trash.

    You get what you pay for.