Today’s photographer of the day is Ron Timehin, a freelance photographer based in London and a Music & Media student at the University of Gloucestershire. His interest in photography began while traveling the world as a young trumpeter: he found he couldn’t remember all of the incredible sights without a camera, so he started shooting with his iPhone 3G. He tells me this was about the same time Instagram launched, which transformed his snap shots into a personal visual diary. And before long, he had over 1000 followers and counting.

With no prior knowledge of photography, Timehin learned the fundamentals of light, exposure, composition, depth of field etc., shooting as much as he could and constantly seeking new ways to capture. At first, he would shoot mostly landscapes, but once he parted with his home city of London for his studies, he gained a deeper appreciation for cityscape and street photography. This led to his investment in a DSLR camera, and today he has over 30,000 followers on Instagram.


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For more of his work, visit Timehin’s Instagram.

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