Today’s photographer of the day is Sieger Joostens, a 22-year-old Belgian photographer. He studied photography at the School of Arts in Ghent (KASK), and went on to study philosophy in Leuven. However, he never completed these studies. After several years, he’s taken up the investigation of ‘the invisible’ in philosophy and spiritualism.

For Joostens, it all began 10 years ago when he perceived the camera as a tool to observe. And that’s how he grew up: “Wandering around, not only to simply see the world but also in a search for who he was and what we’re doing here on earth. Whilst searching for his deepest nature, he ended up in nature itself. Using photography to translate the impressions he gets.” 


And yet, Joostens never covers just one specific genre of photography. Whether portrait, landscape, street, macro, night or abstract, he seems to enjoy it all, while he loves to experiment with light and colors at night or wander around nature. In fact, you could call him “experimental”—he seeks to combine a variety of techniques to create an interesting image. “History is just a series of stories in your head, the future is still imagination so the only real thing is present itself. The moment is what fascinates me, makes me wonder, gives me images, thoughts and happiness. This is how I share it.” says Joostens.






















For more of his work, visit Sieger’s Facebook page.

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