This was a very eventful week, with a lot of announcements hitting the public eye. Canon announced two new 4K cameras, DJI has two new Phantom quadcopters, Adobe updated their whole suite of video applications, Blackmagic updated the URSA’s software and much, much more. We cover a bit of it, offer some insight into market placement, and then talk a bit more about the camera industry from the perspective of pro photographers and general consumers.


rewrap podcast episode 8


Blackmagic URSA software update (01:16)
Adobe Video Suite updated, specifically Premiere Pro’s new feature Morph Cut (05:40)
Canon’s new consumer 4K the XC10, Lensbaby Velvet 56, DJI Phantom 3 (11:15)
Where does the Canon C300 Mark II fit in the market? (13:45)
The risks on both sides when companies put their brand behind someone’s name (20:25)
Documentary: BRAVE NEW CAMERA (28:50)
Driving in India is akin to a sack of potatoes (38:30)

  • I enjoyed your comments on the C300. It is indeed priced way to high relative to the current market, but I guess the question is, is 15 stops of DR at 4k worth $16k? At $8k, you can get an FS7 which has an advertised 14 stops. I love me some DR, but $8 for one more stop is not going to be enough…

    • I really wanted the C300 Mark II to be $12,000. At that, it feels more worth it. The MSRP and even the actual price just make it compete with cameras it can’t compete with.