Today Samsung unveiled three brand new curved monitors that they claim offer an “outstanding” viewing and entertainment experiences as well as eco-save options for consumers and professionals. They also have new “eye-saving technology” that reduce the strain on eyes that can be caused by gaming and various multimedia (like retouching photos or editing video). The new monitors are the 31.5 inch SE590C, the 27-inch SE591C, and the 23.6-inch or 27-inch SE510C.

The curvature on the monitors ranges from 3000R to 4000R and they each feature full HD resolution. This makes for an incredibly immersive experience and a panoramic feel that is complemented by static contrast ratio of up to 5,000:1. There’s also Samsung’s VA panel which offers enhanced dark and color tones. The monitors feature brightness of 350 cd/m2 on the SE591C and SE590C. The SE510C has 250 cd/m2. This makes for very vivid and vibrant images that are perfect for everything from photography editing to multimedia.



SE590C(32)_004_L-Perspective_Black SE590C(32)_008_Dynamic_Black SE590C(32)_011_Detail_Black SE590C(32)_010_Back-Detail_Black


So what is this “unique eye-saving technology”? The curvature of the screen decreases eye fatigue, even after long periods of use. The curve of the screen mimics the natural curve of the eye, making the edges of the screen physically closer to the viewer. This means the viewer ends up making less focus shifts with their eyes. There is also a Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free Technology. These reduce the amount of harmful blue light found on conventional monitors.

To improve eye comfort*, Samsung has introduced Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free technology. Eye Saver Mode works by decreasing the monitors’ harmful blue light, which can cause eye fatigue, while Flicker Free technology further protects the eyes from the  strain of flickering screens plaguing many conventional monitors. These features, coupled with the curved display, allow SE590, SE591 and SE510 owners to use their monitor for longer without eye exhaustion – perfect for movie marathons or long days in the home office.   



SE510C(27)_004_L-Perspective_Black SE510C(27)_002_Back_Black SE510C(27)_003_Side_Black

The SE591C and SE590C both deliver rich sound, bringing music, audio and video content to life, thanks to two 5W built-in dual stereo speakers and a proprietary dual sound engine with acoustic mechanical engineering technology.

In addition to the superior sound quality, all three curved monitors include a Game Mode feature, which helps to improve the picture’s dark scenes and make fast-moving, blurred images clear, enhancing the total gaming experience. Additionally, with a response time of as fast as 4-milliseconds, users can see even the fastest on-screen motions clearly and smoothly with virtually no motion blur, judder or ghosting.

The SE510C, SE591C and SE590C all include eco-saving technology, reducing the screen brightness for increased energy efficiency. In addition to two standard manual settings (minimum 25 percent, maximum 50 percent), a new automatic setting reduces energy consumption by up to 10 percent based on the luminescence of the screen’s black sections. Besides resulting in lower energy consumption, Eco-Saving Plus can save consumers money on their electric bill.  

SE591C(27)_007_Dynamic_White SE591C(27)_006_Dynamic_White SE591C(27)_004_L-Perspective_White

The three new monitors will be available beginning May 2015. The SE590C will retail for an MSRP of $599.99; the SE591C will retail for $399.99 and SE510C will start at an MSRP of $299.99.

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*Samsung’s curved monitor technology with eye comfort has been validated by TUV, one of the world’s leading technical service organizations.