If there is one fact that will help you become better at your craft it’s this: learn from those who are successful, and emulate what has made them so. [RE]TOUCHED is a new digital magazine available through the iTunes App Store that brings together the exceedingly talented and puts their knowledge in front of your eyeballs. The brainchild of incredibly talented photographer and retoucher Julia Kuzmenko and edited by another amazing talent Philip Sydow, the magazine drops some serious knowledge about how to not only be a better retoucher, but how to actually succeed in a challenging and competitive industry.

Retouched Magazine Issue 1

[RE]TOUCHED Magazine is a bi-monthly interactive tablet-based publication designed to give photographers and retouchers the tools, techniques, and insights they need to hone their retouching skills and excel in their businesses. Packed with illustrated tutorials and business advice from top retouching professionals, product reviews, and timely industry commentary, [RE]TOUCHED Magazine engages artists of all skill levels.


Each issue features stunning imagery by respected pros and aspiring artists from around the world, highlighting all genres of retouching and photography, from beauty and fashion to fine art and commercial advertising.

The first issue, the Success issue, is packed with some outstanding content. Here are some highlights (Cover image by Joel Grimes):

  • Interview with Joel Grimes, Commercial Advertising Photographer of more than 30 years
  • INDUSTRY INSIDER: You must want it more than sleep, an article by Pratik Naik, Commercial & Editorial High-End Photo Retoucher and Educator
  • Pro Tips & Artist’s Toolbox feature from Brandon Cawood, Commercial & Advertising photographer
  • Beauty Retouching Tutorial + Artist’s Toolbox feature from Julia Kuzmenko McKim, Beauty photographer & retoucher
  • In The Studio: Lightfarm Brasil, Creative & Advertising agency; the struggles, choices, synergy, and success of an amazing team of artists
  • Special Feature: Visual Storytelling, Part 1: The Power Of Stories“, an article by 
  • Beginners’ Corner: Clone Stamp Tool tutorial, by Allen Turner
  • Beginners’ Corner: Practical Advice by Rebecca Britt
  • Mastering the Art of Self-promotion, an article by Marcin Migdal, Editor-in-Chief & President of Mad Artist Publishing
  • 7 Deadly Myths of Internet Copyright, an article by Los Angeles-based copyright attorney David L. Amkraut


ReTouched Magazine

The names that the [RE]TOUCHED team got together in this first issue are real heavy hitters. Heck, Joel Grimes is gracing the cover! The guys from Lightfarm Brasil are OUTRAGEOUS, and Rebecca Britt and Pratik Naik are truly outstanding photographers and retouchers that are killing it in the industry. These are the people you absolutely want to learn from, and now you can, easily in one place. I’ve read this issue and the interactivity and depth of information on this subject are unparalleled. There is simply no better source for this kind of information anywhere on the market, in any form.

It’s difficult to say anything more about this from a review perspective, other than that if you want high-level information, it’s all here. Download your copy here!